The Kooples Collection: Reveal Your Style

Having travelled through time this winter!


The Kooples Collection: Anyone can dress up elegantly, but creating style with your style takes genuine work! With The Kooples’ 2021 collection, you can make your style stand out and build a name for yourself in every circumstance. Start exploring now!


The Kooples Collection

Don’t be scared to be yourself in everything you do. In terms of fashion, it’s the same. Feel free to dress up, regardless of whether your style is unconventional or traditional. The Kooples chose to draw inspiration from the Maison and a pair who were perfect for the occasion, Tina Kunakey, an international model for the ’21 campaign, and Vincent Cassel, France’s favourite actor.

This charming pair, who have been married since 2018, isn’t afraid to defy convention, create their own rules, and become icons. Laura Coulson, a British photographer, is accompanying them on their tour. The photos focusing on Tina and Vincent are in front of us in all of their naturalness. Their genuine expressions suggest that they are a typical wardrobe couple.


When Tina’s masculine pieces, mismatched, modern design, and this attractive couple’s pleasant attitude come together, the essence of The Kooples fashion brand is unavoidably reflected. It praises Tina’s power and femininity, as well as the duo’s move beyond borders and clichés, as well as Vincent’s vitality and attraction. With these ambitious images, the pair will be on the radar of many. They are icons who will be exemplified from every angle.

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Written by Davis John


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