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Without a question, the gut is the path to a dog’s heart. To win your dog’s heart, you may serve him fragrant and delectable food, but will it keep him healthy? It makes no difference how much you spoil your dog, how much time you spend with him, how much you play with him, or how many goodies you give him!

What important are the efforts you’re making to keep his health on track with a well-balanced diet? This is where customised dog chow shines!

Ordinary commercial dog feeds are often “one-size-fits-all” foods containing a slew of hidden substances. The most dangerous aspect is that you never know what’s within. In such circumstances, a group of dog enthusiasts created customised dog food, which is a well-balanced dog meal that every canine will like.

Why choose

When there are so many alternatives on the market, each claiming to be the finest, it’s easy to become confused about which one to choose. Right? It is, after all, a question of your beloved dog’s health, which you should never disregard.

We appreciate your commitment to maintaining your dog’s health in tip-top shape. As a result, we’ve narrowed down a few elements to assist you in determining how dog food stands out in the pet food industry.

Quality assured:


It’s not enough for dog meals to be additive-free and fresh to be considered high-quality. These days, high-quality cuisine with a fresh taste is required. Food professionals look after the quality requirements and strive to keep the crispiness so that your chomper gets the crunchiest pleasure possible.



The pups are growing like weeds. And it’s insane! Dogs’ dietary requirements fluctuate with their growth, just as their anatomy does. There’s no need to be concerned about your dog’s rising nutritional requirements! offers a blend-evolution (as they call it) specifically designed for the developing dog. It entails getting the precise amount of nourishment at each step with no chance of stomach distress.

Tailored Prices:

Why buy a food bag twice the size of your puppy’s nutritional demands if you have a two-month-old puppy? tailors not just the cuisine but also the pricing. For toy, small, medium, big, and enormous canines, there are a variety of price options. In the realm of customised dog food, tailored dry food is a major player. What’s not to love if you can personalise your dog’s food based on their breed, age, health, and lifestyle, and your dog gets a unique recipe?


One of the primary reasons to select customised dog food is to allow your dog to have a meal that is suited to him and includes components that he likes. Thanks to the website’s unique data harvesting methods!

tails-com-tailored-dogs-food’s nutritionists meticulously handpick each component for its nutritional worth based on the information you supply in your dog’s profile to avoid mishaps like tummy upsets and to guarantee that your dog doesn’t lose out on the correct meal balance.

Proteins, lipids, carbs, vitamins, and minerals are the main constituents of this dog chow. There are no sugars or preservatives added!

What’s going on here? Do you want to know about each and every component?
Keep your cool! Transparency is something you can count on at They have a ‘No Secrets’ rule once you’ve signed up for the treat. The best thing is that you receive a personalised scooper to keep track of how much you feed your dog.


  • Free standard delivery
  • Nutrition-wise perfectly balanced
  • Improves overall health
  • Easy-to-digest
  • Supports immune system


  • Some recipes may be better than others
  • If you suddenly lose your supply, it’s NOT readily available

Our Verdict sets you free and checks all the boxes to be the go-to personalised dog food for any dog lover, from the convenience of sending an entire meal directly to your doorway to the ability to cancel at any moment or a return strategy.

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Written by Davis John


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