New Car Driver? Here Are 6 Cool Car Accessory Ideas

You’ve passed your driving test; great news! Now what?


You’ll need a car, some auto insurance, and some car tax, but all of that is tedious. What you really need to do is outfit your automobile with some of the most cutting-edge technology and make it stand out from the crowd.

Why Are Car Gadgets Necessary?

Car gadgets are a fun and colourful way to spice up your ride.

Many novice drivers will buy their first car and then fill it with junk they don’t need, so it’s important to pick something you want and may even need!

Here are six tools that every new driver should have in his or her vehicle.

Number Plates with Your Name

Personalised number plates are a fun way to make your automobile stand out.

You may obtain ones that are entertaining or adorable or even ones that are connected to your name, such as 123 LUCY.

A wonderful option is to acquire a plate with your initials on it to make it more personal for you; look for anything suitable on a private reg maker website.

Customized Car Mats

Protect your vehicle with customised car mats by searching for your mats by car registration at Auto Covers.

Using a Dash Cam

A dashcam is an excellent method to keep your vehicle safe. If you’re ever in an accident, you may use it to prove you weren’t doing anything illegal and show your insurance company that you were in the right.

Don’t get a cheap basic one that records at less than 30 frames per second since the quality will be poor and it will be difficult to figure out what is being played.

It’s best to invest in a professional-grade dash cam with colour night vision and 1080p video recording. These will set you back roughly £150, but if it helps you avoid going to court or saves you money on your insurance, it’s money well spent! On Dash Cam Talk, you can learn more about them.

Japan Anime Spirited Away Swings Car Accessory

A USB Phone Charger with 12 Volts

Everyone nowadays has a phone or device that can play music.

You can never have too many chargers in your car, and this type of charger will come in handy on lengthy trips to keep you from running out of juice.

Bluetooth Headset (Mini)

This is a fantastic technique to keep a conversation going while driving. You may turn it on before you go behind the wheel, and then simply push the button on your steering wheel to answer the call.

This will make talking on the phone safer for you.

You can also get one-ear headphones that allow you to hear everything around you, making it simpler to be aware of your surroundings while driving.

Mounts for charging mobile phones

For anyone who uses GPS or music applications like Spotify or Waze, this is a fantastic tool.

The majority of phone mounts are composed of heat-resistant silicone and include a powerful suction cup at the bottom to keep your phone in place.

A Bluetooth Wireless FM Transmitter

This is fantastic since you can connect any Bluetooth device to your car and listen to music through it.

It’s a lot better than listening to music on the radio since the sound quality is so much better.

You may also use an FM transmitter with a USB pen drive to listen to podcasts or audiobooks that have already been downloaded. If you’re going on a lengthy trip, this will come in handy.

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Written by Davis John


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