How Can You Decorate Your Home in an Eco-Friendly Way?

It’s all too easy nowadays to become lost in the world of internet home design inspiration. Many of us like looking through photographs of stunning walls and custom-made furniture, daydreaming about how we may improve our own houses. Unfortunately, many overlook how our design decisions may conflict with environmental principles.

Some things are more ecologically friendly than others because not all products are created equal. With the climate change issue in full swing, it’s more crucial than ever to match our lifestyle choices with sustainable ideals – and that includes your house.

Fortunately, being environmentally aware does not need to abandon one’s sense of style. It is possible to decorate your home the way you like while caring for the environment and making the world a better place to live. Here are six easy ways to make your next décor job more environmentally friendly:

Plants to Grow Indoors

House plants are a great way to freshen up a room while also helping the environment. Indoor plants may be a design phenomenon with a few containers. They may offer a natural atmosphere to any space, from lush ferns to vibrant succulents.

It is critical not to purchase plastic pots or chemical-based fertilisers, which are frequently found with them. Rather, surround yourself with air-purifying plants. They will grow in the sunlight that streams in through the nearest window, eliminating airborne contaminants while also improving the appearance of your home.

Purchase from local artists and artisans

As tempting as it is to buy home décor from huge online retail stores, you are unknowingly helping the shipping business. Regrettably, the shipping sector uses millions of barrels of oil each year and generates massive volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Instead, explore the local artists and crafters that live just around the block. Independent vendors in your neighbourhood can make one-of-a-kind items for your house. You will be helping your local community while also reducing your carbon footprint as a customer.


Look at the fabric labels

If you want to warm up a space with hardwood or tile flooring, search for sustainable carpets manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. Rugs made of seagrass and even recycled plastics are increasingly widely available. They come in a variety of attractive designs that allow you to create the area you want without the use of microplastics.

The same approach applies to any soft furnishings you desire in your house, including pillows, throws, and other upholstery pieces. Check the labels and buy green. Sustainable fabric alternatives have vastly increased over the years, and some of the most opulent items are created with eco-friendly materials.

You may begin in your bedroom, where you spend an average of eight hours every day. Bamboo bedroom sets made from environmentally friendly bamboo might be your first step toward a more sustainable household. You might want to have a look at Ecoy’s bamboo bedding goods, which are both high-quality and environmentally sustainable.

Enhance your lighting choices

Indeed, lighting may drastically alter the appearance of a room. Lighting impacts a room’s atmosphere and overall ambience, so prioritise lighting when revamping your décor. Many individuals replace their light fixtures with dimmer switches to improve their lighting options.

Dimmers are ideal for spaces where you wish to control the lighting output and transform the space into a more relaxing environment in the evenings. A dimmer switch can also help you save money on your energy costs. Electric companies save money by wasting less energy when people use less electricity.

Make use of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is an excellent option if you’re replacing your flooring or renovating an old cabinet. It is a recycled material that does not harm the environment as new wood does.

Reclaimed wood is an excellent option if you’re trying for a more rustic aesthetic or want to set up some floating shelves in an office or bedroom. If the wood appears to be a little weathered and you like a more modern design, you can always paint it in a high gloss to personalise it.

Purchase a used item

Although not everyone enjoys buying used shoes, upcycled homeware is essential for establishing a sustainable environment. It’s one of the most effective ways to let your creative side shine. If you want to acquire new dining room chairs, for example, look through the classified ads to see if anybody is getting rid of any old wooden chairs. You may send them down and repaint them in bright colours to add excitement to the space.

If you live near a charity shop, see what kind of treasures they could have. There may be the ideal vase for your window seal or a small side table for the guest bedroom that you could decoupage in recycled paper. There’s nothing like purchasing sustainably while also helping a good cause.


The Remainder

Before embarking on a home improvement project, it’s a good idea to prepare ahead. It would be simpler to choose sustainable décor if you set budgets and establish a list of what you want to modify. It’s not difficult to consider the environment while making shopping decisions, and it may go a long way toward helping the environment. Overall, carbon emissions may be dramatically decreased if everyone makes better shopping decisions.

We should also do our part to help our local communities, and purchasing locally is an excellent way to do it. When you purchase locally and support independent artists, you are not only contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle, but you are also helping to keep their companies afloat. So, the next time you want to redecorate your house, keep the environment in mind and go green.

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Written by Davis John

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