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Facebook took a step with Ray-Ban Stories, one of the most important components of the wearable tech industry, the smart glasses industry. Take a close look at the project.

Smart glasses were predicted to be one of the most crucial components of wearable technology devices. We have to accept that the Glass defeat cost Google a ton of cash. Various projects followed, but none were as noteworthy as Facebook’s relationship with the well-known eyewear company Ray-Ban. Will Facebook sway the smart glasses industry, which has the potential to drastically alter people’s lives? Right now, it’s tough to predict, but let’s take a deeper look at this project and try to better comprehend it.

Facebook x Ray-Ban Stories

Classic Glasses Design Succeeds

Who’d have believed that Ray-most Ban’s renowned and traditional eyewear brand, Wayfarers, would one day merge technology and include twin cameras, microphones, and speakers for photography and video? Such a development in Ray-Ban eyeglasses, which I have long admired and prefer to customise to my liking, is extremely satisfying to me. This, I believe, is a significant development, particularly in terms of design.

I had the opportunity to try on these smart glasses while in San Francisco for the Google I/O event, where Google Glass was unveiled for the first time, and I was disappointed. First and foremost, the design framework was insufficient. As someone who wears glasses on a regular basis, I was particularly interested in the user experience.


I believe that the design, rather than the technology features, has had a significant impact on Google Glass’ failure to achieve the projected success. Of course, I believe that Google, Facebook, and Ray-smart Ban’s glasses project, Stories, has already been a success. It’s great that they re-edit the spectacles that people love to wear as a fashion accessory without ruining their look.

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Written by Davis John


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