Welcome to my blog! I’m Davis and I live in USA with my wife, our two-year-old daughter and puppy, Nomi. I’m currently spending every spare moment I have attempting to transform our modern first house into my dream home, with little budget, and just my own two hands! I believe that any house can become your dream home if you fill it with things you love. Just because you’re renting, are on a tight budget, or (like me) are not currently in your ‘forever home’, doesn’t mean you can’t live in beautiful surroundings.

I know that my website is now a much more useful platform to you with my new blog style and I will contribute to your daily life with not only discount codes or money-saving tips but also informative articles from every aspect of life. All you need to do is stay tuned.

Finally, simplicity is still our design focus to maintain the user-friendly style of LYNGVIG.


I will always disclose when I have worked alongside a brand on a collaborative or sponsored post. Most of my blog posts contain some affiliate links, so if you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site I may make a few pennies in commission – it won’t cost you any more at all. As always, I would never feature products I wouldn’t personally recommend, or have/would purchase myself.

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